Monthly Archives: March 2016

Before The Journey

It can always be a sad thing to say goodbye to your loved ones for a long trip. However, with WhatsApp, Skype, Email and what not for the netizens it’s not that sad anymore. With a stable internet connection (like one of the many WiFi places in Europe) you can have a video call in an instant.

Getting the preparation done can be a pain in the ass. However, yes, thanks to the internet it doesn’t have to be that hard. Just open a browser, go to a search engine, and search what you are looking for. I always work with two open tabs. The one I’m visiting and a review website. For example of course I need some good medical insurance as I will be staying in another country. Maybe even as an expat as I can work from anywhere. So I also tried searching for an expat health insurance. I checked some reviews and it turned out there are some great ones. Picked one, scrape it off my list and went to another one.

For example the international drivers’ license, yes very important. Even though we do a lot of surfing (pun intended) we also need to drive through these beautiful countries. Also I did some checking on a good camera and found this as well.

I’m boarding now! Greetings and see you later.