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I convinced the German guys to visit Utrecht. Apparantly it’s only around 1 hour with the train. So we visit this first, before going to Berlin on the same day.

And although Utrecht is great, around half a day is enough to explore the city. I bet you can explore it more when you meet people, locals, who are willing to take you around.

The most beautiful things of Utrecht are the canals. Just like Amsterdam has, but Utrecht has it a bit more smaller, smaller scale. It’s truly amazing. Sad thing though is that I couldn’t find any rental boats to take to sail it. But strolling around is already tons of fun.

And yes.. also here we had a great time on one of the many terraces, enjoying our cold one. People are so nice here. They help you with the directions, and the waiters are very polite. We have an extraordinary time just being window shoppers.


I’m staying in Amsterdam a bit longer because I met two German guys who are willing to take me to Berlin.

Berlin is apparently a very interesting city which has a very old and very new city in one. I’m very curious how this turns out to be. But first we are going to explore this city a bit first. Because they are apparently German we already started drinking at 10 am and about to go to a so-called Beer Museum. Very curious what this could be.

Today we were so lucky we had this great weather. Amsterdam is one hell of a city, it’s so lively. And the old houses are great, people say it’s similar to Utrecht but then much, much bigger. I’m doubting to go directly to Berlin or first visit Utrecht before going to Germany.

But first another beer with the Germans in one of the ‘BROWN CAFÉ’s’. Like Trump would say: It’s great, it’s truly great!


I arrived in one of the best airports in the world: Schiphol. Wow, it’s huge and already very futuristic like. Did you know that The Netherlands is below sea level? Crazy right. When there will be a flood, this whole country will be destroyed by mother nature. But I don’t think this will ever happen.

From Wikipedia I learned that this happened back in the day somewhere but still it wasn’t as bad as many people believe nowadays.

What a city. I walked on the Damrak towards the Dam and ate a traditional Belgium fries. Weird right, I’m in Amsterdam (Holland) but enjoying my Belgian Frieds.

Amsterdam is great, it truly is. There are so many diversities in people and so many people ride their bikes!